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The best remixes of the 'Game of Thrones' theme so far

It's Sunday. For Game Of Thrones fans, that means a full day of counting down until 9 PM when it's time to turn on the TV to HBO to watch this season's finale episode. 

Recently, we've been noticing that there are a lot of artists apart of the show's 18.4 million member viewership, and more and more that are showing their love of the Emmy-winning series. While there is technically a whole soundtrack available to the series, it's Ramin Djawadi's theme that has caught most people's attention. And we've combed through the troves of the internet to find those that stand out the most. 

Trance is a division of dance music whose focus on melodic complexities can be closely related to classical music or theme music like that of Game of Thrones. And superstars like Gareth Emery have taken a stab at reconstructing the theme as their own, as well as trance king Armin Van Buuren's remix who is currently sitting at the top of the Beatport trance top 10. 

The most ironically pleasing style of remix of the Game of Thrones theme, and ironically more popular is the 1980's-synth inspired take. The first we found is from Super Audio Time!, a small artist whose pop-inspired "1986 remix" has gone surprisingly viral. Then there's Steve Duzz's lighthearted nu disco vibing 80's version, racking up more than 1 million plays on his Soundcloud page since its posting. 

With the show's popularity, we can only expect that more remixes will come down the line. With that, we'll probably see more harder electro and dub remixes like this from MetroGnome and the rocking drum and bass-infused track from AMB. 

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