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KAASI releases new EP Tramuntana

Get ready to be swept away KAASI's latest EP. Featuring four sublimely produced tracks, Tramuntana is a blissed out, feel good, and all around impressive body of work. HIs first two singles "Rain" and "Those Days" dropped two weeks ago, and today we are gifted with two new singles. 

"Long Time Coming"  and "Hold On Me" features the always beautiful vocals of Wrenn. As the bassline builds on both of the singles, so do the vocals in a perfect and simultaneous fashion leading to a beautiful burst of energy. On "Hold On Me, an intricate production lays the groundwork as lyrics call out that everything being fine and we could not agree more, when music is this lovely and easy to listen to, that's the only way we could feel. 

KAASI's Tramuntana EP dropped yesterdy  via ANNOA Records. Grab your copy on iTunes here and stream the entire EP below 


Dance · Deep House


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