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Antony & Cleopatra "Take Me" straight to the dance floor with their new single [Video Premiere]

London duo Antony & Cleopatra are on a streak of killer singles. It is not that any one of their original tracks or remixes disappoint, but their two most recent releases have been on point. A couple of months ago the two released a sleek track called “Sirens” that seemed to perfectly capture the romantic feeling of the lively aspect of a city’s dead of night. Fast forward to their new single "Take Me", having come out just a few weeks ago, we have the first taste of the video.

Antony & Cleopatra’s “Take Me” is something for a bit earlier in the night—that high point on the dance floor. It gets the energy going with this wonderful combination of old school house vibes, newer bass meets breakbeat style, and soulful powerhouse vocals. Check out the video for “Take Me,” and make sure to grab the full EP with remixes from Pat Lok and Option4.


Antony & Cleopatra

"Take Me"

  • Vitalic Noise / +1 Records
  • Out now!





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