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Shameboy releases sexy remix of his single "Trippin" + Q&A [Premiere + Interview]

Belgian producer Luuk Cox, aka Shameboy, has been a bit quiet in the past couple of years, but what he has released has been nothing short of gold. In the past decade, he has contributed productions for chart topping artists like Nicki MinajStromaeKelisBooka Shade and more. His latest single "Trippin" is his first original release since 2010's 808 State of Mind LP. He teamed up with London by way of Baltimore musician Max Marshall, for a smooth melodic track that is ripe with vibrant vocals and a fluttering soundscape that captivates the listener. Following the single's release, Austin-based producer Christopher Norman adds some minimalistic bass drums and rhythms, as well as bouncy synths that give the track a new life. Listen to the track below and follow both of these bustling artists. In celebration of his first release in 5 years, Luuk took some time to talk with EARMILK about who he and Shameboy are.

EM: What is the story behind Shameboy? Any meaning behind it?
SB: It started about 10 years ago, while I was still quite active as a drummer in different bands and as a session player. I just wanted to start focusing much more on my own music and getting into production much more. The name was actually a quick thing to come up with, as the label needed a name for the project really fast due to release schedules. So while I was on the phone with the guy, I looked at my computer screen (I was working on the song while he rang me) and there was a track in my DAW called "Gameboy," so I told him let's go for GAMEBOY, but for obvious reasons that wasn't possible. And then we quickly changed that to Shameboy…
EM: You've collaborated with Kelis, Nicky Minaj, Stromae and more. What was the most organic collaboration for you and are there anymore in the works you're looking forward to?
SB: Difficult question, there was so much the last couple of years that it's difficult to choose… But of course, the one with Stromae was quite a lot of straight forward fun just bouncing ideas back and forth. In the future, there will be more collabs of course, but there's one in particular which I'm looking forward to… For the next single, I'll be working with someone I really admire, but unfortunately I can't disclose his identity yet :) But I can reveal that I'll be going to London (UK) for this collab…
EM: You're a Belgian producer and Austin, TX-based producer Christopher Norman is the remix we're premiering today. How'd the relationship come about?
SB: Basically through our press agent in the US. When we were talking about releasing a remix package for "Trippin", they suggested a couple of US artists and when I checked their work out, Christopher's music already popped out for me. I really liked his sounds and approach to songs and remixes, so we decided to go with him. When we found out he was a big fan of the track, it was even a better match.
EM: You're a trained musician with the ability to play multiple instruments. Is there on instrument that has totally stumped you or one instrument you're really itching to learn?
SB: Well, of course there are loads of instruments I can play at all… Even the ones I'm able to play, I feel, I'm not always doing a great job on :) But because I'm so used to working in studios and picking up instruments to show musicians certain ideas or quickly record some sonic ideas I have, I'm quite used to getting the right sound from the instruments I want quite easily, except for horns and any bowed instrument… But I would love to improve my piano and guitar skills… I find my way around them ok-ish, but I would enjoy it even more if my skills were better.
EM: What Top 40 song is your guilty pleasure right now? (mine is Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood.")
SB: It's not even a guilty pleasure, it's just a great track that is cool as hell too: Major Lazer & DJ Snake feat. MØ - Lean On. That production, that voice, that hook line… Well just about everything on that track is just killer to me!!


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