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Sivey remixes All The People's "The Hills" into a sweet jam [Premiere]

All The People is a new soulful house/modern pop outfit to emerge from South London, comprised of singer Curtis Dennie, and brothers Simon and Ashley Arnold behind production. Last month, they released their debut single, “The Hills,” and this here—mood, lyricism, and uplifting melody—is exactly what youth culture and desensitized music listeners need to hear more of.

Ashley explained, “The Hills is a relationship song about seeing things clearly again after the aftermath of a tense ending, it’s about looking happily to the future for all involved and looking back on what happened with a clearer head.”

Today, we have the pleasure of introducing a remix of “The Hills” by fellow Londoner, Sivey, a member of Soulection’s first class (About a year ago, Sivey and Evil Needle released the superlative Constructive Interference EP). Sivey turns around the pop-house beat into a jam, with more pizazz and groove to love. What amazes me is that I feel as though I’m actually hearing this tune live…lounging in a park….on a nice sunny day.

Look out for All The People’s single, “The Hills,” and Sivey’s remix, coming out June 8th via 100BillionWires.

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