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PWNDTIAC shows us another side to "The Beach" [Video]

Earlier this month, German producer PWNDTIAC gave our ears a little treat with his new The Beach EP. As you can probably guess, the leading single and B-side contain plenty of sunshine and good vibes. Also packed in the release are some worthwhile remixes from Les Loups, Roisto, and Heartpete. Now that the EP has had some time to marinate into all your warm and fuzzy spots, PWNDTIAC recently debuted a video for “The Beach.”

Much to everyone’s surprise, you won’t find a single girl prancing around in a bikini. I counted one girl in the video, and she was wearing a wetsuit. So the video gives a different take on the beach. We get more of the surfing side, some skateboarding, but the general feel-good spirit is there. Check out the video below and find PWNDTIAC’s The Beach EP out now via We Love This.



'The Beach' EP

  • We Love This
  • Out now!




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