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Kid Moxie announces '1888' remix LP, shares two new contributions [Premiere + Download]

After enjoying widespread critical acclaim for her 2014 album 1888, Elena Charbila isn't slowing down on her Kid Moxie project.  The multi-talented Greek-born artist has accrued a unique list of remixers, giving us some new perspectives on what was already an eclectic group of songs.  With this news she's shared a pair of new remixes, from Lost in Stars and Johnson Somerset.

Dylan Willoughby is the mastermind of retro-synth project Lost in Stars, and a frequent collaborator with Kid Moxie.  He helped pull the strings for the original 1888 album, overseeing the mastering and music video production.  Now he's unleashed his version of "Blackberry Fields," possibly the toughest track on the album to remix due to its folky, traditional nature.  Willoughby teleports Charbila's vocals to a more futuristic environment, full of skittering beats and cold, sterile ambiance.  Keep an eye out for Lost in Stars' upcoming Once You Were Fire EP, with Kid Moxie featured on two tracks.

Meanwhile, Johnson Somerset has prepared an epic rendition of "The Bailor."  As is often the case with Charbila's collaborators, Somerset isn't a household name, but he is a significant figure in the industry; dude is actually a duke in the U.K., not to mention a producer for two of Charbila's heroes, Duran Duran and Bryan Ferry.  Here he stretches the track into a slow-building, nine-minute monolith.  The track's basic elements - fleeting piano, rolling guitar riffs, Charbila's voice - are all the more effective with Somerset's inclusion of suspense and extra space.

Simultaneously a rising musician and actress, Charbila wisely chooses to combine the two careers whenever possible, letting her love of filmmakers like David Lynch bleed over into her music like it's the most natural thing in the world.  She stars in the music video for her "Mysteries of Love" collaboration with Angelo Badalamenti, which just premiered in Los Angeles at the 'Music of David Lynch" event, check it out below.  You can grab 1888 - The Remixes via Kid Moxie's Bandcamp or via the iTunes link below.



Kid Moxie

"Blackberry Fields" (Lost in Stars remix) + "The Bailor" (Johnson Somerset remix)

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