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Marcioz's future classical 'God Don't Lie' EP is phenomenal

Marcioz is a 19-year-old Brazilian producer who caught the attention of France’s finest electronic group, Point Point. After getting selected for Point Point’s competitive Filet Mignon III compilation (Listen to God Ain’t Gonna Pay You Back” here), he was promptly recruited into their Record Record label family.

So, you’ve heard of “future bass,” and you’ve heard of “future house,” but have you heard of “future classical?” Marcioz’s debut EP God Don’t Lie is wonderfully unorthodox, and there is a new level of depth when electronic music is twisted with samples from Mozart and Vivaldi, and Marcioz’s own cravo playing (a type of baroque piano).

Marcioz’s lead track, “Birth of a God,” is quite the statement, but it’s surely understandable by such grandiose instrumentation. Next, “Your Pretty, Pretty Black Dre$$” is highlighted by sharp, swells of synths, and PC music-style of pitched vocals. Then, he gives us cheerful drum kicks and something more melodic in “That Morning.” The final song, “Ode Ad Classicum” is where he shines most—the sample interpolation is utterly exquisite here, from the classical vocals to violin.

Marcioz is just getting started, and I'm very curious to hear this remarkable sound grow and rise above. Download Marcioz’s God Don’t Lie EP here.


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'God Don't Lie'

  • Record Record


Electronic · Future Beat


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