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Major Lazer's "Lean On" is transformed with Like Swimming's beautiful cover [Premiere]

Over the past couple of months, Major Lazer has been releasing a series of songs that are an extension of his ability to transcend redundant electronic melodies. His songs are a rich and robust working of intricately orchestrated songs that utilize well-crafted pop-structures. One of his latest songs is collaboration between the alluring singer and trappy producer DJ Snake called, “Lean On.” This track showcases his skill of weaving familiar electronic sounds, with beautiful vocals and pristine pop structures. Since its release, artists like CRNKN, Fono, and more have taken a crack at remixing the song. However, one rising Swedish group, Like Swimming, took it in a different direction and completely transformed the single with their hauntingly beautiful cover.

The melody just got stuck in my head and refused to leave, so we just had to do something with it. We liked the melody a lot but always felt a bit stressed listening to it. So we decided to slow it down a bit. This was done really quick so Ida had to sing in her apartment… And I think you can hear a cat meowing for food in Claes guitar track.” Like Swimming

This three-member group slows the song down to a melodic acoustic cover that is just as large in breadth as it is in personality. Their rendition adds a somber approach that imitates the heart’s yearning for a hand to hold and a shoulder to lean on. Lead vocalists Ida’s voice is a blend between the light and battered voice of Alanis Morissette, the angelic yet haunting timbre of Lana Del Rey, paired with the smoky folk grit of K.D. Lang. It is a gorgeous cover that completely reinvents the song, presenting it in a light the single has yet to explore. Like Swimming will be playing a show in London on May 30th, so if you are in the area, definitely check them out. You can find more info about the show here.


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