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Booka Shade releases powerful new EP, 'YARUBA'

I've still got Booka Shade's "Line of Fire" mix in heavy rotation from their last EP. But the Berlin production duo has just released their newest EP, YARUBA with three new tracks to add to our playlists. Booka Shade's productions teeter on the ledge of traditional techno music and pushing the boundaries as they take their music into unexplored territories. In this latest EP, they lead us into a blend of tech-house and deep house vibes, as you'll even occasionally catch wind of some familiar effects that we've heard from them in past projects. 

The first track, "Bakerson" sounds like it could have comfortably fit onto the Line of Fire EP, but was instead used as a transitional track to ease us from their last project into this one. "Gloomfeld" is a much darker track and has a slower and deeper energy that will still captivate any audience. And lastly, the EP ends with "Black Cow", which is my personal favorite. While still holding onto that dark energy we saw in "Gloomfeld", it moves into a much more energetic space that late night dance floors will eat up. Check out the stream of YARUBA below!

The EP will be fully released on Beatport on May 18th and on iTunes on June 15th with Booka Shade's very own label, Blaufield.


Dance · Deep House · Tech House


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