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Skipping Girl Vinegar's video for "Dance Again" is a blissful reminder to stay young [Premiere]

What is something you would do right now if money and time weren't an issue? Would you drive a Porsche down the Autobahn? Would you participate in the running of the bulls? Would you ride in a hot air balloon during the massive Albuquerque festival? Australian based band Skipping Girl Vinegar explore and answer this question in the video for "Dance Again." Skipping Girl Vinegar is an ode to the oldest neon sign in Australia, greeting eager travelers as they entered into Melbourne. The single is simplistic but captivating, oozing with similarities to Walk The Moon and The Griswolds. In the video, two people are seen skydiving with beautiful aerial shots lining the background behind them as they freefall effortlessly towards the earth in their shiny gold suits. The two hold hands and invert their bodies as shots of the band performing are spliced in. The video ends with a heartwarming and interesting surprise that reminds us regardless of age, we are only as old as we perceive ourselves to be. Feel young with this uplifting video and dance again and again to the beat. 


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Tom Collins
Tom Collins
6 years ago

Awesome Clip!