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Lil Wayne reps his home turf in slick new video for "HollyWeezy"

Well, who would have thought 2015 would've started like this for hip hop? Not only have we been treated to a flurry of incredibly dope albums and mixtapes from some of the games biggest artists, but the amount of talking points that have been raised and issues that have surfaced has kept the whole internet buzzing. One of the most prominent events to happen so far this year, is the seemingly messy divorce between Birdman and his prodigal son Lil Wayne. After the dispute started late last year regarding the constant delay in Weezy's eleventh studio album Tha Carter V, it's now developed into a murky situation where Wayne wants out of Cash Money completely. This cumulated in the Louisiana native dropping his Sorry 4 The Weight 2 mixtape earlier this year, with many shots being fired at Birdman and Cash Money throughout, most notably on his "Coco" freestyle. The one positive thing to emerge from this whole saga, is it finally sounds like we're getting a hungrier Wayne, as his mixtape showed indefinitely.

Whilst the majority of his tracks on SFTW2 were beats already used by other rappers, there were a couple of original tracks on there (or that was at least until Drake's album dropped unexpectedly). One of them was "HollyWeezy", and this week we were blessed with some visuals for this standout joint. Backed by a trilled out beat that really has some bang behind it, Weezy's auto-tuned voice cuts through the instrumental giving us reminiscent flashbacks of 2008 when Tha Carter 3 dropped. Lyrically, the Hollygrove rapper completely reps it for his hood on the hook, and the verses slide through exactly how we would expect them to, with talk of women, sex and drugs at the forefront. The video is kept simple, Wayne mobbing out in front of a slick looking whip, whilst a scantily clad lady wriggles herself around. Also featuring in the video are his manager Cortez Bryant, and a few homies, keeping that home turf feel to his visuals.

You can peep the video for "HollyWeezy" below, and if you haven't already heard SFTW2 (have you been hiding under a rock in 2015?!) then check it out via the link below! What do you think about this new Weezy we're seeing? Does he sound more hungry than his recent works would suggest? Will Cash Money be anything without him propping them up? Also was Young Thug calling his 'tape Barter 6 a blatant disrespect to arguably one of the biggest artists to ever be a part of the hip hop scene? Let us know your thoughts!

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