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Phantogram's "K.Y.S.A" off of the Welcome To Los Santos album

Tightly following every step of Phantogram's career has left me waiting for when they will break off of their linear progression to dive deeper into the experimental aspects of their music. Sure, they have slightly ventured off of the well-defined road with their collaborations with Big Boi in the past, however they have never broken through their musical bubble.

While "K.Y.S.A." may not fully burst their translucent sphere of sound, it does go a long way by toying with unexplored melodies and tones. Having surfaced on the web earlier this week, "K.Y.S.A." short for "Keep Yourself Alive", carries heavy industrial instrumentals that, as the song's title references, keeps their sound growing and evolving -- alive. So, could a song like "K.Y.S.A." be a true turning point in Phantogram's career, allowing them to fully shed their cocoon and reanimate themselves in a elegant, beautiful way? Probably not, but that does not mean that it isn't a Bigfoot-sized step in that direction.


"K.Y.S.A" is off of Alchemist and Oh No's GTA-inspired Welcome To Los Santos album, commissioned by Rockstar for the PC release of the video game. Preorder the album from iTunes here.

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