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Eddington Again comes out of left field with new single "Masturgrape"

Eddington Again is an experimental hip-hop artist based out of Los Angeles, California who is better known with his involvement with the rising "wave-rap" trio Oddience and the indie-soul outfit PRJCTS. Today EARMILK is thrilled to present the second single and title track off of Eddington's upcoming mixtape entitled Masturgrape. 

The single was produced by a Los Angeles producer by the name Foxkit who provides Eddington with the perfect airy & psychedelic backdrop for him to utilize his abstract flows and narration abilities as he describes his regular routine, which includes plenty of recreational drug use as a means of ascension and self fulfillment.Check out the track below and make sure to download the Masturgrape mixtape when it is released on April 23rd!


Hip-Hop · Rap


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