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Sleepy & Boo give us their Warehouse Mix ahead of their performance at BangOn! this weekend [Exclusive]

BangOn! parties have become a coveted event in the New York City area. Since their start as small unofficial rooftop parties, they've grown to become multi-room, secret location warehouse giants with special entertainment, exhibitions and out of the box experimentation. This weekend the party returns with its secret location and all as Creatures of the Night, headlined by SNBRN, Sleepy & Boo, Dr. Fresch and Golden Pony.

NYC regulars Sleepy & Boo usually bring their knowledge of the underground to their Basic NYC party series, but on April 18th we'll see the husband and wife team join BangOn! for the third time. In honor of the party, Sleepy & Boo have come up with a mix to preview what's going to go down, full of over an hour of deep, dark house. With each track the DJing ability of these two comes through with each ebb and flow, with each style selection being just perfectly fit for a warehouse. After you've listened, just remember that tickets are still available to BangOn! here.


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