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Erik Hassle pops with feel-good new single "No Words"

Erik Hassle's name and feel-good pop music usually don't go together.  The Swedish singer-songwriter tends to go for a more R&B vibe, making his biggest waves with the hip hop-infused "Pathetic" and the Tinashe-featured "Innocence Lost."  On his new single, the Swede goes all out on positive pop vibes, leaving heartache behind for the time being while he sings about mutual love, purring "I can't get enough" over a catchy Clean Bandit-esque (thinking "Rather Be") violin phrase.  It's too bad the Nick Jonas hit at about the same time as Hassle, who has a similar voice and musical style to Jonas but without the abs and dynamite sex appeal.  We love Hassle regardless and hope him the best in his quest to make it in America.  Hopefully the "No Words" release indicates a large drop happening later this year but we'll have to sit tight and see.


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