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Hypnotic Vibes in "4am", Xian & Gaszia Join TrapDoor Records

UK blog and label TrapDoor Records' newest additions Xian & Gaszia have created a hypnotic song that is at once seductive, resolute, serene, and psychedlic. "4am" takes influence from eccentric sounds that range from tribal to electronic to blues. The song introduces bits of "Gas Pedal" by Sage the Gemini and turns a booty bouncing track into an Alice in Wonderland-like dream, filled with wispy, vaporous clouds. There are hints of Japanese whispers, strange beeps, rippling vibrations, and most importantly a smooth, easy-listening jazzy feel that'll take you through the NASA lobby.

The two are by no means restricted to a type of sound, instead subtly incorporating a little bit of everything to create something memorable and extremely versatile. For example, their special Halloween remix from this past October of EASTGHOST's "The Haunting House" is a captivating trip through ghosts, ghouls, and relentless 808s. What is at first a depiction of a wild, indigenous world becomes a dark room lit by epileptic LEDs.

TrapDoor Records has released music by Ozzie as well as Daktyl, another UK producer who has been recognized by Los Angeles based music label Mad Decent. Ozzie is a trap fiend who prefers to slow down and prolong the bassline, as shown in the track "Me & You". Daktyl has dabbled in future and trap sounds in the past but has recently turned towards an ambiance that is both calming and crisp.

As the newest additions to the TrapDoor roster, X&G will have their first EP available on April 13th. Their upcoming EP '4am' promises multifaceted sound that will illustrate a odd, yet tasteful conglomeration. Their genre-less presence is rare in a world where electronic music can be so easily compared and copied by producers of differing technical skill. To find a pair of individuals who have that kind of talent makes it more worthwhile to take a listen. You can pre-order their EP here on iTunes.



4am - EP


  • TrapDoor Records
  • April 13, 2015


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