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Good Old War talk new album and offer tickets to sold out NYC show [Interview + Giveaway]

Philadelphia based indie  band Good Old War has had us dancing and singing along to their infectious songs since the release of their debut album Only Way To Be Alone in 2008. Singles like “Coney Island,” “I’m Not For You,” and “Looking For Shelter” were on report for us and scored many of our summers. In preparation for the release of their next album, out later this year, the group sat down with us to talk a little bit about what to expect. In addition to the interview, the group is offering one fan the chance to win a pair of tickets to their sold out show at Rough Trade in NYC, Monday March 30th. Enter the contest below.

Win two tickets to Good Old World's sold out show at Rough Trade NYC

EM: So what’s been going on in your lives since you released Come Back As Rain in 2012 and concluded touring in 2013? 
GOW: We decided on our last tour that we would take a good amount of time of the road to write and record a new record and spend time with our families.  Touring 9 months of the year doesn’t leave much time for the rest of life to happen.  Our last two records were made in gaps between tours and we didn’t want to do that again.  We wanted new experiences to write about.  We were afraid that every song would be written about missing home if we stayed on the road.  
 EM: You’re working on a new album right? What can you tell us about it? 
GOW: Yes. We just completed a new record and we couldn’t be happier with it.  It should be coming out at the end of June.
 EM: How does the sound differ from Come Back As Rain? 
GOW: When we recorded come back as rain we were trying to capture our live performance in the studio.  For this new record we didn’t want to limit ourselves at all.  We wanted to give each song its own personality.  We added a lot more instrumentation that we have in the past.  
 EM: What have been some challenges and some joys recording the record?
GOW: Making something new is always a joyous challenge.  We stepped out of our comfort zone in many ways.  We wanted to make a bigger sounding record so it was a challenge doing that without abandoning the sound that we have been crafting over the years.   
 EM: How has it been recording in Nashville? 
GOW: Great.  It was a pleasure to work with such talented musicians producers and songwriters.  It was a very relaxed and positive experience.  
 EM: Tim had a kid and moved to Atlanta right? What’s it been like recording without him? 
GOW: We missed Tim being in the studio with us because we have a musical connection that we weren’t sure if we would find in anyone else.  We all understood why he had to leave so instead of giving up on the band, we dove right in to working with another drummer.  The musicians on this record are pros and everything went way better than we had anticipated.   In a lot of ways it help me and Dan create something different and that’s what we set out to do in the first place.   Some of Tim’s tracks from songs we wrote and demoed before he left are on the record.
 EM: Will his kid be joining you on any of your 10 stops on the tour? 
GOW: No. We won’t be bringing any of our kids on this tour.  His wife and daughter are back in Atlanta.  I’m going to help him deal with being away from them for the first time.  It’s not easy. 
 EM: Do you plan to tour the Midwest or west coast any time soon? 
GOW: Yeah.  We are expecting to be touring heavily once the record is released.
EM: And when can we expect the album to come out? 
GOW: It should be out at the end of June.  I don’t know the exact date.
EM: Favorite pop song out right now? 
GOW: Fourfiveseconds
EM: First album you were given? 
GOW: Weezer - Blue Album
EM: First album you personally bought? 
GOW: Dr Dre - The Chronic
 EM: First R Rated movie you saw? 
GOW:…Childs Play?
EM: Favorite guilty pleasure? 
GOW: Project Runway
EM:Most embarrassing tour moment? 
GOW:Probably when I burped out of nowhere during some stage banter.
EM: What was the last song you listened to? 
GOW: Purple Bottle - Animal Collective
 EM: Celebrity Crush?
GOW: Frances Mcdormand
EM: Most despised word?  
GOW: Moist.



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