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Jesse Slayter makes Jackal's "Chinchilla" danceable [Premiere]

While there's no doubt that Jackal's original "Chinchilla" is a downtempo force-of-a-tune to be reckoned with, the new flip from Jesse Slayter will satisfy the dance floor champions. Experimental hip-hop lovers rejoice; clocking in at 90 BPM, this is a rework with just enough energy to make you move without sacrificing the integrity of Jackal's original vibe.

Notoriously versatile with his song construction, Slayter continues to impress with his ability to create attention-grabbing hooks with a powerful swing. It takes a truly unique skill set to be thorough across the production spectrum of genre and tempo. Not all producers are capable of regularly pumping out both house and hip-hop tracks that are equally unique. Holy cowbell, is this a tune.

Click here for the free download.

(Words by @musicsgf)

Bass · Electronic · Trap


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