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Tim Gent explores "His and Hers" [Premiere]

By the afternoon, our energy is a bit down, and we're looking for an easier, slower piece that will help us ride out peak nap hours and bring smooth sailing for that clock to tick 5pm. Tim Gent is providing that for us today with his newest song "His and Hers." 

The song sees the young man bring sensuality into his music, and it's yet another piece in which we have seen him grow in such a short span we've been listening to him. He's definitely not superstar status quite yet, but we're excited to see him grow and develop in the coming years. 

With production from Free P, we're super excited to see what the young rapper comes up with next. Check out the exclusive track below. Gent's upcoming project, Clarksville Nights, is out soon. 



Tim Gent

His and Hers

  • March 16, 2015


Exclusive · Hip-Hop · Premiere · Rap


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