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Jackal and Boombox Cartel join force to bring you the "Jamba" juice

There is a growing trend in dance music. It's not the press wars, and it certainly isn't loudness wars (though PR is a completely different beast we will tackle sometime later). This trend is, however, the collaborative nature of musicians and artists of similar yet unique calibers. Artists like the new-age traplord Jackal and the Los Angeles homie duo Boombox Cartel are joining forces to bring the best of their capabilities together in one massive tune. Today, that tune is "Jamba" and it's released through OWSLA.

"It hits hard" doesn't even begin to describe the vibes "Jamba" exudes. The main synth line is reminiscent of Jackal's "Chinchilla" and the vocal sample plays up the latest Main Course fire "Chîefs". Together, Boombox and Jackal have destroyed our expectations of hyped 'bow-throwing musical attitudes. Thanks guys, this tune crushes!

Electronic · Trap


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