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Marin haunts over Zomby production in "Prevails"

Zomby is a bit of a wonder; anyone who's ventured onto his Twitter page knows very well the type of shenanigans he can cause, and the profound influence he has on his fans. Even I am always looking out for someone rocking one of his limited t-shirts on the street, in the hopes I can make Zomby jokes and become their new friend. 

Anyways, he's been quieter on the music front lately, but Marin, the self-described late-night soul, brilliantly adds vocals to a Zomby beat with "Prevails." The original is called "Witch Hunt, " but for those that have Zomby knowledge, this was already a bit of a gimme. Marin stunningly haunts in this piece, bringing this already once favorite back into the spotlight. 

Check out both the instrumental and bootleg version below. 

Electronic · Post-dubstep


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