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Field Trip gives us a blue dream on "Song 4 California" [Video Premiere]

Lately, everyone that I talk to seems to be thinking about the warmer weather in California, at least those of us in the Northeast seem to, and maybe that's because we're living in a world of black ice and temperatures as low as six degrees on our morning commutes. So to combat it, Field Trip has some 70's images that make the viewer feel as though they're living in a blue dream, and it is possibly the most Cali-influenced music video that I've ever watched. However, behind the topless women, palm trees, vintage bathing suits and beaches there are deeper meanings of love and loss. Because mastermind Noah Champ recently relocated from his hometown of Los Angeles to the bitter temperatures that we're bearing through here in NYC. 

On the track Champ said, "Leaving home had me feeling like laïka-dog: aimlessly drifting through space.  'Song 4 California' is a fragment of that state of mind." 


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