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Me Succeeds reimagine Arp Aubert's 'Moshislongo' into dub fantasia [Premiere]

Resurfacing with a long-awaited EP, Mirau Musik label head, Stephan Lorenz, delivers for Ki Records under his Arp Aubert affair once again. Known for effecting streamlined melodies with half-unexpected twists and weavings, Lorenz stays true to his singular style of rhythmic precision one can spend hours dissecting on Moshislongo. Featuring two new tracks that venture through Lorenz's lighter musical strolls, the title track gets a double re-construct by Me Succeeds and Alexander Polzin.

In a sense, while Aubert covers the technical artistry on Moshislongo, both remixers display the pleasure in mechanical simplicity, flexing their ambitions with a focus on mood instead. Alexander Polzin's excellent sampling of innocent laughter give an increasingly warm feeling capturing a blossoming spring afternoon. With Me Succeeds, warmth feels adrift, but not completely abandoned. As band member Mona Steinwidder nurtures feelings of longing with her vocal musicale, the lo-fi ministry assembled by her and Lorin Strohm behind the boards replenish a dubbed atmosphere tapping  into emotional figures of the human condition. It's a bittersweet trek, but one with a purposeful inner-directed approach.

Listen to EARMILK's advanced stream of Me Succeeds' rework for Arp Aubert on "Moshislongo" (below) and keep an eye out for Moshislongo out March 16. 







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