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Dorothy tongue rolls the dice on "Wicked Ones" [Music Video]

Long-awaited music video for "Wicked Ones" by LA-based rock group Dorothy is everything that I expected image-wise from the original track. It's complete with a shot of the band's stunning namesake spreading her pillowy lips and rolling a single red dice piece down her tongue. But the message came through loud and clear via the music, that women can shred as hard as men in those not so tall tales of Hollywood.

This video is filled with classic rock illusions, red lighting and those eerie animal party masks that seem to be so prevalent in pop culture. The men featured, drummer Zac Morris, guitarist Mark Jackson and bassist Greg Cash, are anything but holy. Watching shot after shot (slight pun intended) we can only imagine how these wicked one's night turns out. Currently recording their full-length debut album, Dorothy is scheduled to perform at acclaimed music festival SXSW this year. Based on the raw, white-hot energy that explodes from the imagery, we'd recommend catching this band live if you're a pass holder. 



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