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Cold Courage wants you to know "Her" off his debut EP [Premiere]

Coming to us from the southern city of Greenwich, UK, Cold Courage explores the fringes of modern sound in his experimental electronic production. The 23-year old compiles his music from collections of  YouTube videos, voice memos, and the usual vinyl odds and ends, creating a mesh of layered oddities that form into a cohesive whole. On April 20th he will be releasing Her, a 5-track adventure in ambient soundscapes that cut and shine with brilliance and grime at every turn. Heralding its release, the EP's title track embodies Cold Courage's far-reaching vision, a synthesis of xylophone melodies, bubbling percussion, and eerie vocals that break into grungy chaos before reforming once again. 

Enjoy this taste of "Her" and be sure to keep tabs on the forthcoming release. 


Cold Courage


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