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Boombox Cartel goes all in with Ian Everson on "B2U"

LA producers Boombox Cartel have been given the Skrillex stamp of approval as they've got an upcoming project due out with OWSLA next month. In an effort to build up some hype after a bit of a break from any releases, Boombox Cartel has teamed up with vocalist Ian Everson to deliver us "B2U" in all of its heavy electronic glory. Don't be fooled by the chilled melodic intro though, the song transitions into a trap-tastic blaze for less than a minute before it flips the track on its head and drops into some hard hitting bass. It's a wild blend of all of your favorite electronic influences, with a touch of grime thrown in for good measure.

So hop on board before the Boombox Cartel train leaves the station with the momentum from this track. It's full steam ahead for these guys, so check out "B2U" below right now!


Electronic · Glitch · Trap


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