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Stella drops off a disco-tinged single to put on "Repeat" [Premiere]

Ahead of the release of her debut full-length album, Greek singer-songwriter Stella has been showing off how stylistically versatile her music and voice can be. Ranging from more psychedelic and garage influenced to shimmering and 80s-inspired pop, Stella's unique vocals draw us in with their warmth and rich tone. The fact that her range is on the lower end of the spectrum gives Stella this regal quality to her music, similar to what Annie Lennox did for Eurythmics.

"Repeat" is one of my personal favorites off the album, so I'm happy to bring you the first taste! It's an upbeat and irresistibly dancey track that has this sort of flirty and feminine feel to it. Stella's voice combined with the funky synths give it the perfect retro vibe.

Look for Stella's self-titled debut, out next week via Inner Ear Records. It's available digitally, and physically on cd and yellow vinyl.

Stella Cover



  • Inner Ear Records
  • February 24, 2015


Exclusive · Indie · Pop · Synth Pop


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