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PeaceTreaty redo heavyweights Kaskade and John Dahlback in "A Little More" remix [Download Premiere]

It's always refreshing to see artists' careers grow, and it just so happens that PeaceTreaty's journey with electronic music began at the same time as mine. Hailing from a sun-drenched inland city in Southern California, the duo have experimented across the electro progressive spectrum. Last month, we saw their collaboration with Arem Ozguc zigzag across Soundcloud, a writhing work of jabbing melodies and unrelenting bass that further supported PeaceTreaty's ardent fan base.

Now the two have turned their eyes towards a massive remix, that of Kaskade and John Dahlback's recent tune "A Little More" featuring Sansa. You can hear a lot of the big room original in the track, but the California kids have upped the ante with running synth lines and a thrumming background melody that brings the track to new heights and imbues it with a palpable sense of yearning. Chalk it up to another success for PeaceTreaty and listen to it first, right here on EARMILK.




Kaskade and John Dahlback

"A Little More" (Feat. Sansa) (PeaceTreaty Remix)

  • Self-Released
  • 2015-02-16



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