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Take a fast paced ride through "Everest Isle" with Nemes [Music Video Premiere]

Many may have seen the viral video of some little girl adorably dancing to the NYC Bedford Ave. L train dwelling Coyote & Crow's upbeat folk and fiddle enriched music. Upon hearing the Boston based indie folk group Nemes it is no surprise they have similar qualities to Coyote & Crow and that is because they both began playing in subway stations (though C&C still has a little ways to go.) Nemes is a rising star of high-powered fiddle riffs and glistening folk melodies that are reminiscent of Imagine Dragons and The Lumineers with the structural power of Bear's Den. Nirvana praised them for their insanely great cover of "Heart Shaped Box" and Alt-J has publicly supported them. It is no wonder they are getting top-level support because they are pretty damn good.

Their third single, "Everest Isle" off their debut full-length album, I Carry Your Heart is a fast paced bubbly take on remaining steadfast and holding on to hop. Gritty passionate vocals pierce through every bass drum kick and fiddle lick while the chorus comes perfectly through your speakers. The music video, which we have the honor of premiering today, is a lighthearted and fun animation video that doesn't try to be too much but conveys the message so perfectly. Check the video out and below and keep this group on your radar because it won't be long before you start seeing their names on festival line-ups and headlining tours.


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  • Saw them live on the Cape last month - they totally rocked it!

    Avatar Beth February 15, 2015 12:58 AM Reply

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