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Forget winter and "Overload" on Life Of Dillon's infectious summer vibe

Meet your latest obsession and the soon to be viral sensation Life Of Dillon, whose sound they describe as "Acoustic House". This trio from the UK is a composed of two brothers and their friend and while their sound has notes of house they play all live instruments as permeate a sound so robust and infectious it will have you dancing into summer. Their lead single "Overload" is a bubbly indie pop track with frenetic steel drum riffs paired with looping acoustic guitar licks and packaged with the blissful and vibrant lead vocals. For a new band this group is already shattering Spotify play counts, reaching over six hundred and fifty thousand plays in just a week. This euphoric blend of indie pop and house melodies is a more cheerful Milky Chance and is the perfect solution to warm our souls while some asshole prairie dog subjects us to six more weeks of winter. Keep your finger on this group because we guarantee they will be riding a glitter filled rocket to the top of the charts. Grab the track on iTunes here or stream it over on Spotify here


Acoustic · Dance · House · Indie · Tropical House


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