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Monogem explore the shadows on "Silhouette"

LA based duo Monogem -producer Scott Smith and vocalist songwriter Jen Hirsh- have released their debut EP the right way, one premiere at a time. They've gone from mysterious, to haunting, to sentimental, to so euphoric that they want to make us spin around on vintage roller skates but latest single "Silhouette" is by far the most aggressive and we love it. 

On the final track off the EP Monogem continues to explore the 80's sound that they're becoming known for and "Silhouette" is particularly hard-hitting synth and beat wise. From the drama-laden synth intro to the sensuous lyrics it details Hirsh's pursuit of a man through the shadows and the desire to let him in. She implores him to "Move with me, close to me, come to me in the shadows, I'm gonna let you in," with croons that are one part dark and two parts glowing, as in all of their tracks. 








Electro · Electronic · Synth Pop


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  • Thanks for the love on "Silhouette" ❤️❤️❤️

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