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Seryn takes us of off-roading with "Paths"

I've never been a big extreme sports girl, but if I were the type to, say – mountain bike or go four-wheelin' – I would probably want a comparable soundtrack to go along with the ride.

Today progressive folk band Seryn gives us a perfectly calculated indie risk: a track with an impeccable male/female harmony; a sense of discovery and exploration as the song gains momentum, tumbles, and gathers speed; and a spike in adrenaline c/o a pummeling electric guitar and drilling percussion duet. The chorus, "carving out these paths / hoping that they last" can go unsaid, as it's a soaring, auditory adventure, and of course we don't want it to end. 

While I'm no Evel Knievel (am I totally aging myself here?), I do run, and am building my NYC half marathon playlist currently – which now involves carefully timing "Paths" to play as I fly over the finish line. 

This six-piece hailing from Nashville (by way of Denton, TX) has the energy of The Mowgli's and Delta Rae, but a uniquely spirited sound that's here to stay.  Shadow Shows, the band's sophomore album will be independently released on February 17, so check them out and support some great indie artists that are doing adventurous things.

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