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Von Sell debuts with "Ivan" [Premiere]

There is not much known about the electro-pop artist Von Sell and he is using his debut song to do most of the explaining for him. Initially from Berlin, Germany, David Von Sell attended both the British Academy Of New Music and Berklee College of Music before making his way to his current home in Brooklyn, NY. With a debut EP expected out in late summer/early fall Von Sell looks to help rejuvenate the electro-pop scene with his refined and unique bedroom-produced touch.

Beginning with a low-fi descending melody, "Ivan" quickly lifts off. With a emphasis on the eccentric and catchy vocals, sequenced soundscapes set up the songs core. Introducing a fluttering flute and acoustic drum set just after the halfway point, as "Ivan" layers and changes directions with its instrumentals, what could otherwise come off as cluttered songwriting seems right at home within the scope of Von Sell's style.

If "Ivan" is any indicator, any new music from Von Sell should be a rewarding good time.

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