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Pep up your day with Keith James' earworm "Not My Day" [Music Video]

Ever have one of those mornings where you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, which sets in motion a day of unfortunate events? For many, Mondays are the epitome of “bad days” so it is only fitting that multi-platinum songwriter Keith James’ uplifting tongue-in-cheek single “Not My Day” is released today. This song is 2015’s answer to Cee Lo Green’s explosive earworm “Fuck You” or Modest Mouse’s optimistic indie rock staple “Float On.” In the verses Keith comedically and matter-of-factly lays out the days transgression and tribulations, like getting a ticket, or dropping his cell in his coffee. Once the chorus kicks in Keith’s sexy soulful voice similar to Barry White permeates through every down stroke and kick drum giving assurance that you are not alone on your shitty day.   Whether you’re having a bad day or a great day this song will serve as a warming reminder that we are all in this together and positivity will get us through the end. James’ playful take on bad days is displayed perfectly in this cutesy emoji filled lyric video for the single.

Keith teamed with longtime collaborator Mick Schultz to produce their infectious pbr&b track that will be swimming through your consciousness uplifting you in times of frustration and despair. The two had their first mainstream success when they wrote “Birthday Sex” with Jeremih and have since continued to collaborate with him, Nicki Minaj, and many other artists. After working behind the scenes songwriting Keith is excited to step into the spotlight as he and Mike takeover stereo waves coast to coast and this single is the exact propellant he needs to get him to that spotlight. Download the single on iTunes and stream it on Soundcloud below. In addition to the singles release, Keith wants to make your day better by offering a unique string of ten intimate performances to contest winners in his Lucky Fans Tour Sweepstakes. Find out more about the contest here.

This week Keith released the official music video to follow up his colorful and playful emoji filled lyric video. Directed by Danny Erb and produced by Mick Schultz, his official video is a jubilant mix of animation and real time acting. Its like that scene in 500 Seconds Of Summer with it’s own colorful twist to it and a love story intertwined. So if you need a little pick me up today, tomorrow, or any day – let Keith James anthem help you when it is “not your day.”


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