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Sirus Hood remixes Disciples's "They Don't Know" [Premiere]

If there's one thing we've learned about Disciples's music, it's their respect for the making of music. A perfect demonstration of this is their popular track "They Don't Know" that was released in the fall of 2014. A deep dance release, it has patience in its composition, taking a vocal and synth progression and executing patience to make a track that could otherwise sound repetitive completely addicting. 

Today we have an exclusive first listen to the latest remix of "They Don't Know." Due out on iTunes on February 22nd alongside the radio edit, it's a hip-hop honoring, 808-heavy, smart envisioning of the track by Sirus Hood. The mysterious French artist has given the single a new life, chopping and screwing the vocals and inserting a comical and quirky nature call sample as well (and the fact that it isn't annoying speaks to Hood's talent). Check it out below.

Dance · Deep House


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