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Edyth's "Crystxls" brings ambience to future bass

Ambiance and ghostly lingering vocals always pair flawlessly. It's nothing new and forever timeless. The softer ambiguous side of music will always find relevance in a surprising number of sects and genres. Take FAKE MUSIC Records, for instance. Though most of their releases are dance oriented, their latest release comes from the modest yet romantic French Soudan. An artist named Edyth is changing up the FAKE game and bringing the mood down to chill comfort levels.

The tune itself is a single off his upcoming EP, BARE I. Reverberating snare rolls, static rain, and haunting pseudo-strings tie the metaphor-heavy lyrics together nicely. We can't wait to hear the rest of the album, available February 26th, 2015. Clicker here to pre-order via iTunes.



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