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Big Gigantic brings a funk ton of sax in their latest release "Get On Up"

Since last festival season the Colorado duo Big Gigantic have been dropping their massive track “Get On Up” causing riotous fits of dance and spurts of euphoria and funky monkeys of all shapes and sizes to get on up and shake their groove thing. . Today the bass gods and funk fathers have graced us plebeians with the official release of the track. Dom and Jeremy begin the track with the instructions to “kick me one of those funky ass beats,” and funky beats they bring. Dom’s sax soars through the air like a chimpanzee hopped on nitrous flying past mars and beyond the cosmos as Jeremiah lays a bass line so fat that Fat Bastard lost in a sumo contest to it. Memories of these sounds resonate through the festival skies and every corner of Madison Square Garden give us all sorts of warm fuzzies and remind us why Big G is one of the funkiest duos west of the Mississippi. So get on up and get the funk down with the free download of the saxy sounds below.



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