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Lapalux brings "Closure" on sophomore Brainfeeder LP 'Lustmore'

Lustmore is a perfect title for the new album from Stuart Howard, the UK-based producer who records as Lapalux.  Howard makes some of the sexiest, most lust-inducing beats out there, so that title is like an endorsement, a warm welcome back into Howard's lap of luxury.  Lustmore is set to drop April 7 through Brainfeeder, with new track "Closure" available now as a tease of what's to come.

"Closure" features the songstress known as Szjerdene, who we've seen before, back on Bonobo's North Borders cut "Towers."  "Closure" sets off at a slow pace, but there's a sense the whole time that things will explode, like a slow burner with a stick of dynamite at the end, or a relationship on the brink of violent dissolution.  Nothing so drastic ends up happening, though; Howard morphs the track in all kinds of shapes and directions, but uses restraint throughout, letting Szjerdene's vocals and his intricate details do the talking.  Remember, this is a tease; you're just gonna have to wait a few months for Lustmore's biggest moments.





"Closure" feat. Szjerdene

  • Brainfeeder
  • 'Lustmore' out 4/7


Electronic · R&B


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