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Don't sleep on Kicks n Licks remix of "Dreamers" by Hopium

Kicks n Licks -also known as cool dudes Andy and Jerrod- never disappoint when it comes to music that just lifts you up, and their new remix of "Dreamers" by Hopium falls right into that tested pattern of upbeat electronic tunes. They've definitely got this, down to the snare build-up, soaring synths and just the right amount of repetition in the drum patterns that put their own spin on the original for all of the EDM dreamers out there. 

Even though the lyrics have some sad moments, "You said you were tired of sleeping, but close the shutters when the sun starts creeping," and questions of infidelity, the remix still gives us feel good vibes and that's what the San Diego based duo is all about, really. I doubt it'd be easy to sleep on this one, probably about as difficult as napping through their upcoming dates with TERRAVITA on the Gun Powder tour . 


Terravita gun powder tour with Kicks N Licks



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