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The Erised make performing live look so easy in "It's Over" [Video Premiere]


While today's producers don't focus on performing instruments live and (many) choose to focus their talents in the form of DJ-ing or using ableton, there is something still so haunting about a live act. The Erised perform their track "It's Over" live in front of cameras, and with its many members physically created every bleep and bloop heard in the track, it's an absolutely electrifying piece to have the opportunity of hearing and seeing, even when it's through Youtube. 

With vocalist Sofia Sukorukove in tow, "It's Over" is emotionally touching, and it's hard to look away from the video as The Erised bring serious shivers down the back. The song is slow, dragging perfectly in the way that those heartbroken feel weighed down, and it's as illustrative as it is beautiful to hear.

The Erised are a six piece from Ukraine, and their first EP with Med School Records early 2015. 


The Erised artwork

The Erised

It's Over

  • Med School/Hospital Records
  • January 16, 2015



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