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The Jacket whirls a "Hurricane" with newest song [Premiere]

The Jacket was a bit of a secret weapon for me last year, and it isn't hard to see why. Their eclectic sounds were out of this world weird, and I quickly got really into the small Floridian duo. We premiered their track last time around, and we're excited to premiere another song with "Hurricane," a stunning instrumental piece that is dramatic, dark, and utterly perfect. 

It's experimental, strange, and great for those moments when you're looking for some alone time to think and feel, and similarly for those long drives; this might just be the perfect song to listen to for those really deep thoughts, while still feeling a little bit of action and energy throughout. The Jacket comprises of Harlowe G. and Kristof Ryan, and the pre-order for their track is available via Bandcamp here


Thousand Lies 1500 EP

The Jacket


  • Decades Records
  • January 24, 2014



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