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Halogen will "Never Say Never" on Basement Jaxx remix

If there's one act in dance music that deserves more praise, it's Basement Jaxx. Sure, the UK duo have had their fair share of hits during the twenty plus years they've been in the game--go ahead and pat yourself on the back if you know all the words of "Where's Your Head At?"--but I still feel that much of their work is slept on by the masses. Thankfully, Halogen has taken their 2014 smash single "Never Say Never" and brought it into a new light. If you're unfamiliar with the rising Atlanta producers, know that they mean serious business.

By throwing in a set of funky wobbles that kick it up a notch, so much so that Emeril Lagasse would be proud, the duo offer up a track that's a nice break from the typical electro sound. If this remix is an indicator of where they are headed, expect some big things from Halogen in 2015.

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/184613632"]


Basement Jaxx

"Never Say Never" (Halogen Remix)

  • January 6th, 2015


Dance · House


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