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M!NT and GDP chronicle a quarter-life crisis on "Messages" [Premiere]

New collaboration "Messages feat. GDP" between Brooklyn based producer M!NT and hip-hop artist GDP of the Smokers Cough label is everything I love about the NYC scene, raw, real and ripping through the underground. Part of the Planet Cognac crew, who recently made a NYE splash with larger than life artist Machinedrum, Cody Yozipovic and GDP have been on our radar for awhile now. GDP defines himself as "gansta rap," but I've rarely heard an artist in that genre refer so honestly to his "quarter life crisis" in rhymes as opposed to bitches and bottles.


And those rhymes are silky smooth with mellow beats and licks that show off producer M!NT's jazzy side. It tells the Brooklyn story that anyone who's moved there has been through, when you're lost in a huge music scene and every artist is -or maybe just feels- like an "average joe." It's so relatable that the collaboration just came together, over an L and perhaps somewhere off of the L train. On the track Yozipovic said,

 "This one basically appeared out of thin air one afternoon, it was one of the most laid back sessions ive ever had. Ideas and lyrics and music just flowed, and after just 6 hours we almost had a finished product."




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