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Win & Woo redo Lyon Hart's latest, "The Sign" [Premiere + Download]

Chicago dance artists have taken an increasingly larger piece of the industry pie, as new acts continue to surface from one of America's biggest cities, seemingly unable to disappoint fans and critics alike.  Win & Woo join this happy throng, two guys setting out with a lofty mantra to "Make It Timeless". Even considering the relatively short time they've been around - three tracks over the span of 9 months - the pair have made smart decisions with their releases, presenting remixes that flit between genres and breathe new life into recognized tracks.

Today's premiere builds on this foundation by way of New York-based artist Lyon Hart's recent track, "The Sign".  Most famous for his late 2014 work with Elephante, "Shake The Earth", "The Sign" saw Lyon Hart step back from intense progressive house vocals toward softer, pop-driven production. Keeping in line with this direction, Win & Woo refashion the track into a suave remix that lives on subtle highs and low, bringing down the original's brighter tone through rounded percussion and eastern-influenced melodies. The product: another triumph for the Chicago duo and a track that we know is a sign of a successful future. Download and enjoy!


Lyon Hart

"The Sign" (Win & Woo Remix)

  • Self-Released
  • 2015-01-05


Dance · Exclusive · Indie


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