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Dreadlock and Lea Keeley's collaboration is "Out of Place" from expectations [Premiere + Download]

Dreadlock and Lea Keeley are two musicians living in Montreal who came together over the last few months to create a masterpiece. Dreadlock is an EARMILK favourite and has kept our audience impressed with a full EP last year and several remixes. Lea Keeley is a singer/song writer who is originally from Stratford. Together these two talented forces have created an emotional piece of work titled "Out of Place". 

The gentle start of a slow beat matched by natural sounds builds into a vibrant lyrical string. Lea Keeley comes through strong on the melody and her voice is accented by a complex soundscape that flows alongside her beautifully. The last minute takes an interesting turn as Dreadlock creates a complex string structured break. The final minute stuck out vividly showing a change of direction in "Out of Place". You can grab the collaboration between Dreadlock and Lea Keeley for free below. 

Out of Place Cover

Dreadlock feat. Lea Keeley

"Out of Place"

  • 5/1/2015


Ambient · Chillwave · Exclusive


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