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Stwo's new track "Eden" is his intro to 2015

Young Parisian producer Stwo had a busy 2014, releasing the 92 mixtape and delivering remixes for Lido and Banks, among others.  He was planning to hold his new track, "Eden," for a forthcoming EP, but New Year's generosity got the best of him so he shared the song to help bring 2015 in right.  

Whether "Eden" ends up on a Stwo EP or remains a standalone track, it's certainly an epic intro to something.  Coasting in on ethereal tides and a choir of angelic voices, the track's tension rises until it all boils over and ends when it's just getting good.  Clearly Stwo knows that sharing an intro track is basically a huge tease, and a great way to build anticipation.  Looks like you'll just have to be Jonesin'  for this new EP for now, no word yet on a title or official release date.



Electronic · Hip-Hop


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