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Bearson revolutionizes tropical house with new original "Pink Medicine"

I truly don't understand how Norway is producing so much talent. Seriously - Cashmere CatLidoKygoLemaitre, and now, Bearson - there must me something in the water. 

With his first original, Bearson has already slingshotted his way into the spotlight of the American electronic music scene with a series of tropical house remixes. One of the main issues I have with tropical house right now, however, and as I'm sure you've already noticed, is that most of it sounds exactly the same. Luckily for you, the dude Bearson has cracked the code on this budding genre, and has actually found a way to make each one of his tracks sound unique and interesting every single time. This one's up for free download, so make sure to go grab your copy - 100% worth it. 



Pink Medicine

  • Next Wave Records
  • December 11, 2014


Dance · Electronic · Tropical House


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