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Amat Amas Amo turns Tyler Mae's "Do Or Die" into a trap banger [Premiere]

British born producer Amat Amas Amo has been putting in the work in 2014. Whilst on tour with the Manchester based band Murkage, the beatsmith has been stacking up the instrumentals like they were money.

The latest one on his list, is the official remix for UK metal band Tyler Mae's single "Do Or Die". Whilst the original is a heavy hitting metal track complete with distortion rich guitars and pounding drums, Amat has flipped the track on it's head, delivering a trapped out banger thats filled with deep kicks, shuffling hi hats and hi-pitched synth squeaks that truly carry the beat. He has also completely stripped down the vocals, leaving on a little hook which plays before the drop, adding to an even more eclectic mix.

You can stream the Amat Amas Amo remix of "Do Or Die" below, and if you're feeling what you're hearing, the track is available as a free download over on their soundcloud.

Exclusive · Trap · U.K.


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