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Be an official remixer of Benny Benassi and Serj Tankian's "Shooting Helicopters" [Exclusive Contest]

A name synonymous with dance music and a signature sound that has crossed the world untold times, Benny Benassi stands as a superstar among superstars. If there exists a main stage where he hasn't been, or a festival he hasn't graced, then it's only a matter of time until the prolific Italian producer sets foot on this venue. This year has been just as busy as any other, and we've seen the maestro release massive tacks, like his work with Moguai on "Gangsta", and vet stunning remix EPs of his work, all while maintaining his nonstop touring schedule.

One such Ultra Records work that grabbed fans' attention had to be that of "Shooting Helicopters" with the American singer Serj Tankian. Known for his piercing, in-your-face vocal performances, the former front man of System of a Down has recently partnered with Benassi as a move away from the harder rock we know him for. But still, he's brought the power of his artistry to dance music, a surprisingly smooth transition as "Shooting Helicopters" has shown.

Now, it's your chance to join Benassi in his first ever fan- driven remix contest. All you need to do is download the stems below, do what you do best, and submit your "Shooting Helicopters" remix to the Soundcloud group.  by January 12, 11PM GMT. Many will enter, but only one talented artist will be a part of history. 

All the info you need is right here! Good luck!


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